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PeakKong Special Steel is committed to providing the most advanced technology, software, and services for the fabrication and research and development of laser-welded structural Steel profiles. We are a leader in the field of high-strength steel and related services, and through close collaboration with our customers, we enhance the performance of existing products, seek new product solutions, and optimize manufacturing processes.

Provide customers with: Super Duplex/Stainless steel structural Sections, high-strength steel structural Sections, weather-resistant steel structural Sections, wear-resistant steel structural Sections, Marine engineering structural steel Sections, and composite structural steel Sections.

We are committed to manufacturing and researching innovative products.

Peak Kong Special Steel possesses complete structural design capabilities and extensive experience in the manufacturing of structural profiles. Our unique and lean development approach in product development and engineering ensures the optimal combination of engineering design, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness.

Together, we can explore new possibilities for developing stronger, lighter, and more sustainable steel products and engineering solutions.

Peak Kong Special Steel