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Integrating the light of innovation and shaping precise structures

YamKong is a professional laser welding profile manufacturer. We produce high-quality laser welding profiles. These laser welded profiles produced by YamKong are strictly manufactured in accordance with international standards. The company adheres to the principles of efficiency and economy, and is determined to provide customers with reliable and high-quality services, continuously create new value and grow together with customers.

We have a robust quality management system that complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements and are committed to providing products that meet the most stringent technical specifications.Highest quality profile products according to standards and environmental requirements.

We will always adhere to the principles of integrity, quality and innovation, and work hand in hand with our customers to create a better future.

YamKong Special Steel
Brand Concept
  • Efficient and economical

    We operate in an efficient and economical manner to provide customers with the best solutions, ensure the smooth progress of projects, and maximize customers’ economic benefits.

  • Reliability and quality

    Based on reliable and high-quality services, we ensure the stability and reliability of our products through advanced process equipment and strict quality control systems.

  • technological innovation

    We uphold the spirit of technological innovation, introduce internationally advanced technology and equipment, continuously promote the development of the industry, and provide customers with the latest solutions.

  • win-win

    We attach great importance to the cooperative relationship with our customers, and through the concept of win-win cooperation, we work hand in hand with our customers to grow and achieve success together.

Brand mission

The mission of YamKong Special Steel Co., Limited. is to become a leader in the industry and provide customers with comprehensive, efficient services and high-quality products. Through continuous innovation and progress, we provide customers with the best solutions and actively promote the development of the industry.

Brand vision

Our vision is to become the trusted partner of choice for customers, providing customers with comprehensive metal structure manufacturing, steel processing, new material technology research and development and other services through technological innovation and excellent quality. We hope to become a leader in the industry through continuous efforts and create greater value for customers.

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