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To enhance your market supply and expand your product portfolio, you need a reliable material supplier to collaborate with. Our development team is always ready to support you in adopting new materials and developing new products.

Selecting the right materials

Our in-depth knowledge of steel products is a continued commitment to understanding the backbone:

  • Your processing equipment
  • Which materials perform best in your market applications?

Our product development experts stay informed about the latest technological developments in steel grades. We have the capability to provide recommendations for the best materials for your new products or product improvements from the design stage onwards.

Utilize our steel

In order to enhance your quotes through the supply chain, Peak Kong Special Steel offers a range of advanced differentiated products that you can leverage to your advantage. These include:

  • Steel solutions for structural materials – stronger, lighter, more durable and better, adding added value to the final product.
  • High-strength structural profiles – designed for multi-story and high-rise buildings.
  • Stainless steel structural profiles – extend the life of the structure.

Our team will support you in deploying new structural materials to help ensure smooth and efficient processing and construction.

Development Department
Innovation starts with you.

Peak Kong Special Steel has a strong track record in supporting customer product development. We collaborate with research institutions and have a robust process for developing new steel grades. Our dedicated automotive and packaging research and development center’s work has brought innovation aligned with customer preferences.

product development
Investment in early-stage product development is crucial.

As global R&D departments face increasing demands for innovative products and faster product lifecycles, Hing Kong will be your best partner. Hing Kong’s unique and lean development approach in product development and engineering ensures you get the optimal combination of advanced high-strength steel design, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness. Together, we can develop new solutions for stronger, lighter, and more sustainable steel products and engineering.

Learn how to accelerate your product development
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