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  • Having quick and easy access to reliable material data can give you an advantage in product development. Better understanding the advantages of our advanced steel materials can open up new opportunities for your business. That’s why we take special measures to share our expertise in steel with you.
Customized technical training

Our development team is right there to support you, making it easy for you to access complex laser-welded profile products. Because we strive to understand your business, we can provide personalized, steel-focused technical training tailored to your needs. This will help enhance your understanding of how material properties impact:

  • Your process.
  • Your products.

We also offer specific training for new grades that we know are relevant to your market.

Latest knowledge

Through Peak Kong Special Steel’s dedicated “Steel Customer” day at our factory, you can gain the latest knowledge about laser-welded profile processes and the material properties they offer.

Reliable material data

We provide support to our customers through case studies, data sheets, and technical literature. We also offer online services, providing a comprehensive overview of steel grades suitable for applications in construction structural profiles, mechanical profiles, and ship and offshore profiles. The online material database offers an input platform for immediate use, which can be utilized alongside computer-aided engineering software for accurate and reliable simulations.

Information and Training
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