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Innovative actions must be one step ahead
  • Our innovation drive comes from our in-depth understanding of customer needs, and we are committed to establishing direct cooperative relationships with customers. Driven by our core values ​​and mission, we create a path of continuous improvement and success.
  • Starting in 2022, the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system has added the AS9100 standard specifically for the aerospace and defense industry. We apply this standard to the entire production process, including the production of products with end-use for other industries.
  • Peak Kong Special Steel has always made a commitment to quality.
  • The quality of all series of laser welded structural profiles manufactured from various production bases is the core focus of Peak Kong Special Steel.
  • Special profiles for a wide range of uses require specific quality control and testing according to the requirements of each industry.
  • To this end, Peak Kong Special Steel has established its own laboratory so that the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the products can be verified at any stage of the production process, and the final certification of the finished product can be carried out.
  • We also have relationships with partner companies and qualified laboratories that can perform testing that is not possible in-house (such as non-destructive testing, thermal towing, etc.) as well as complex certifications (such as Nadcap certification for aerospace).
  • To ensure traceability and provide professionals with the assurance that they are using high-quality laser profiles, our base materials and rolls are marked with labels.
  • This label indicates that the product meets the requirements of GB, ISO, JIS, EN, ASTM, BS and other steel standards, as well as the Peak Kong Special Steel factory standards. It ensures the high level of manufacturing and control of Peak Kong Special Steel products.
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