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Offshore Structural Steel Sections
  • Offshore structures, built specifically for drilling oil and gas deposits deep under the sea bed,These steel Sections exhibit good impact toughness and resistance to plastic fatigue loading and lamellar tearing.Although applications will differ, all will have exposure to the effects of saltwater corrosion, strong sea currents often dictated by the strong winds and tides. peakkong search for natural fuel resources has extended into even more remote regions, for instance, the Arctic which also has led to rigs drilling at much greater depths and therefore lower temperatures.
  • Requirements of Offshore Structural Steel

    Structures in challenging working environments like these demand a specific range of steels in order to promote longer working life, better safety, and to lower the risk of failure, which, in certain cases, could turn out to be disastrous.

    The challenging conditions and engineering complexities of offshore construction projects means that offshore grade steel is the only grade capable of meeting the demands required for rigorous and sustained integrity of these structures.

  • Key properties of offshore grade Structural steel are:

    High yield strength

    Good internal soundness

    Excellent weldability

    Good resistance to brittle facture, both longitudinal and transverse

    High resistance to lamellar tearing

  • Therefore, the S355G10 / S355MLO / S355NLO/S460G2+Q structural grades are some of the benchmark steels specified for offshore structure applications. These materials can be delivered as normalized (N) or thermo-mechanically rolled (M), and supplied in accordance with EN10225:2001. This grade is renowned for its good tensile and yield strength.
Equilateral angle steel
Unequal angle steel
Channel steel
steel plate
Rectangular square tube
square tube
Steel Pipe
Special profiles
Special profiles
Types of steel supplied
  • Pipeline steel pipes: used in submarine oil and gas pipelines to transport crude oil, natural gas and other liquid or gaseous media;
  • Drill pipe steel pipe: used in offshore oil drilling operations;
  • Drilling platform structural steel: used in the construction of structures such as offshore drilling platforms, production platforms and floating production and storage vessels;
  • Drilling platform supporting equipment steel: used for supporting equipment on offshore drilling platforms, such as wellhead blowout preventers, wellhead rotation control systems, wellhead environmental protection devices, etc.;
  • Offshore engineering platform steel: used in the construction of offshore wind power equipment, offshore oil platforms and other offshore projects;
  • Offshore pipeline supports and anchor chain steel materials: used for supporting and fixing subsea oil and gas pipelines;
  • Offshore wind power equipment steel: used in the manufacturing of offshore wind power equipment, including towers, blades, engine rooms and other structures.
Oil and Gas
Commonly supplied steel grades
Low-carbon steel
  • S275、S275J0、1.0143
  • S355、S355J0、1.0553
  • S460、S460ML、1.8850
  • S690、S690QL、1.8928
  • S960
Stainless steel
  • 1.4301(AISI 304)
  • 1.4307(AISI 304L)
  • 1.4401(AISI 316)
  • 1.4404(AISI 316L)
  • 1.4571(AISI 316Ti)
Duplex stainless steel
  • 1.4162 (LDX 2101)
  • 1.4362 (AISI 2304)
  • 1.4462 (AISI 2205)
  • 1.4410 (AISI 2507)
Advantages of Peak Kong Special Steel Profiles
  • Complete variety and wide range
  • Reduce processing time and costs
  • Can perform roll bending, welding and heat treatment processing
  • More profiles in different shapes available
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