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YamKong Special Steel Co., Limited. was established in 2022. Our goal from the beginning has been to provide reliable and quality services to our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With strong technical force, advanced process equipment and reliable product quality, and excellent corporate culture, the company continues to expand the market, increase market share, introduce internationally advanced mechanical production and processing equipment, expand the production scale of the enterprise, and wholeheartedly serve the majority of users Serve.

Business scope: metal structure manufacturing; metal structure sales; new material technology research and development; metal product research and development; metal material manufacturing; metal product sales; steel rolling processing; metal material sales; construction metal fittings manufacturing; construction metal fittings sales; high quality Sales of special steel materials; technical services, technology development, technical consultation, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; mechanical equipment research and development; manufacturing of new building materials (excluding hazardous chemicals); offshore engineering platform equipment manufacturing; rail transit engineering machinery and Sales of components; metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing; import and export of goods; import and export of technology.

The company has two different production facilities including over 40,000 square meters of production workshops and office space. Two different production facilities allow us to distribute work accordingly between our two factories. This will ensure an efficient production process, excellent production quality and on-time delivery. to meet the requirements of any engineering project.

We carefully provide suitable services to each customer, listen to the opinions of each customer and owner, and positively analyze the needs of customers and owners. Propose various feasible methods to provide customers with one-stop service.

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