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Laser welded stainless steel structural Section 2024-1-02

Peak Kong Special Steel is committed to the research and technology development of automatic laser welding structural profiles. Huanggang Special Steel has developed a low-impact laser welding technology that allows us to weld pre-polished flat parts to special profiles without damaging the visible surface.

The right answer for architecture and design

These products are developed specifically for high-end stainless steel construction and design applications. By using a special low-heat and spatter-free laser beam to reduce welding penetration to 10mm-20mm, virtually any profile design can be achieved at an affordable price.

Due to their high design flexibility, functional optimization and high precision, these new products are popular with architects for visible and representative steel curtain walls, canopies and a wide range of other uses.
For this purpose, we offer attractive standard and customized profiles, mainly made of stainless steel 304/304L (1.4301/1.4307) and 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404). 1.4462 2205/2507, duplex stainless steel, other alloys available upon request.

Laser welding structural profiles
Laser welding structural profiles
Commonly supplied steel grades
  • 904L,1.4539,N080904
  • 321,321H,1.4541
  • 316Ti,S31615,1.4571,S31635
  • 316L,1.4401,1.4404,1.4435
  • 304H,S30415,1.4949,S30409
  • 304L,1.4306,S30403,1.4307
  • 304,1.4301,X5CrNi18-10
  • 309 / 309S / 309H,1.4833
  • 310 / 310S / 310H,1.4845
  • 347 / 347H,1.4550,1.4961
  • 317,317L,1.4449,1.4438
Duplex steel
  • S32760,1.4501
  • S32750,1.4410,2507,F53
  • S32304,1.4362,US S32304
  • S32205,S31803,1.4442
  • S32101,1.4162
Nickel alloy steel
  • alloy K-500,UNS NO5500
  • alloy 400,UNS NO4400
  • alloy 718,UNS N07718
  • alloy 625,UNS N06625
  • alloy 601,UNS N06601
  • alloy 600,UNS N06600
  • alloy 825,UNS N08825,2.4858
  • alloy 800,UNS N08800
  • alloy 800H,800HT,UNSN08810 and NO8811
  • 254MO,S31254,1.4547
  • alloy C-276,UNSN10276,2.4819
  • alloy B-2,UNS N10665
  • alloy B-3,UNS N10675
  • alloy C-4,US N06455
  • alloy C22,UNS N06022
  • alloy C-2000,UNS N06200
  • alloy G-35,UNS N06035
  • alloy S,UNS N06635
  • alloy 230,UNS N06230
  • alloy X750,UNS N07750
  • alloy 617,UNS N06617
  • alloy 925,UNS N09925
  • GH2132,GH3030,GH3039,GH3128,GH3044
  • UNS N02201,UNS N02200
  • alloy B,UNS N1001
Freedom to innovate

Low-impact laser profiling offers a very high degree of design freedom, not only in terms of size and geometry, from small perforations to large cutouts, which can be designed in unique ways to create attractive design solutions.

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