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Two official standards for laser welded profiles 2024-3-22

ASTM International just recently published the new standard A1123/A1123M-22 for carbon steel laser welded profiles. This addition now provides engineers and architects an official standard for both carbon steel (A1123) and stainless steel (A1069) laser welded profiles.

Laser Welded Stainless Steel Specification

ASTM A1069/A1069-M-19 is the official standard specification for laser and laser hybrid welded stainless steel bars, plates and shapes. This standard was revised in 2019 with several additions to help engineers and architects design with laser welded stainless steel. Some of the key additions to standard included the addition of laser-hybrid welding, the addition of duplex stainless steel, the addition of hollow square and rectangle sections and the addition of strength categories.

The specification for laser welded stainless steel provides designers with all of the necessary information to work with. This includes shapes, welding procedures, mechanical properties, chemical compositions, tolerances, corrosion resistance and more. Along with the official standard, there are many other resources to help with designing with structural stainless steel. These include the AISC Standard #370, the AISC Design Guide 27, and the Stainless Structurals resources section.

Laser welding stainless steel
Laser welding stainless steel
Laser Welded Carbon Steel Specification

After several years of behind the scenes work from many, in December of 2022, ASTM A1123/A1123M-22 was published. This is the first standard specification in the industry for carbon steel laser and laser-hybrid welded, sharp cornered profiles, built-up, square, rectangular, and special shape tubing. These sharp cornered profiles are commonly used in architectural applications such as AESS, curtain walls, glazing applications and more.

The standard was developed by the same sub-committee that covers hollow structural steel. Sharp Cornered HSS products are becoming very popular. The standard applies to all laser welded carbon shapes up to a size parameter of 36” x 20” (112” perimeter). There are some key characteristics of the new laser welded carbon steel specification. This includes the ability to specify one of several options for length tolerances as well as inspection levels and AESS categories. Similar to the stainless steel standard, the scope covers information such as shapes, welding procedures, tolerances and more.

Laser welding stainless steel
Laser welding stainless steel
Stainless Structurals; Providing Solutions with Laser Welded Profiles

Peak Kong Special Steel is a manufacturer of laser welded carbon steel and stainless steel profiles. We not only produce standard profiles such as beams, channels, angles, tees and hollow structural profiles, but we also produce a large number of customized laser welded profiles. Our profiles are available in a variety of carbon steel and stainless steel alloys, and in a variety of surface treatments, including polished stainless steel. Contact us today to learn more about ASTM A1069, ASTM A1123 and our laser welded profiles.

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