ASTM A513 Carbon Steel Mechanical Tubing
ASTM A513 Carbon Steel Mechanical Tubing
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  • ASTM A513 Carbon Steel Mechanical Tubing
ASTM A513 Carbon Steel Mechanical Tubing
  • Standard: ASTM A513
  • Fabrication Craftsmanship: EN10210, EN10219
  • Steel grade: A513
  • Tolerance: EN 10163-3
  • Certificate: According to EN 10204 - Type 2.2 or 3.1b

Peak Kong Special Steel manufactures round carbon and alloy electric resistance welded (ERW) mechanical pipe in compliance with ASTM specifications A513 Type1A (hot rolled), Type 1B (pickled and oiled) and Type 2 (cold rolled). ASTM A1.05 pipe is produced in sizes ranging from 12.75 in. OD to 18 in. OD, with nominal wall thicknesses starting at 0.049 gauge (513 in.) and even thicker, and is used in a variety of industrial, agricultural and transportation related end applications. use. For a complete list of production sizes, please visit our steel pipe catalog.

Structural hollow steel pipe
Structural hollow steel pipe
Pipe produced to the A513 specification also offers increased ductility through its tightly controlled carbon steel grade.

ASTM A513 1010

ASTM A513 1020

ASTM A513 1026

ASTM A513 4130

ASTM A513 Type 1A and 1B

ASTM A513 Type 1A mechanical pipe is made from hot rolled strip, while A513 Type 1B pipe is made from hot rolled strip that is pickled to remove scale and then oiled to provide a cleaner surface than hot rolled .

A513 Class 1 pipe provides more specific outside diameter, wall thickness, length and straightness tolerances than pipe and structural pipe specifications. It is typically used in applications that require bending, flanging, flaring or flattening.

ASTM A513 Type 2

ASTM A513 Type 2 is made from hot rolled steel strip that has been cold rolled. Due to additional cold working in the steel mill, A513 Type 1 tube has tighter wall thickness tolerances, improved surface condition and a narrower range of mechanical properties compared to A513 Type 2.

A513 Type 2 tubing is used in a variety of applications where surface condition is critical and where further polishing or plating of the tubing is required. The maximum wall thickness for cold rolled pipe is nominally 0.120″.


The ASTM A513 specification states that manufactured carbon steel pipe must meet specific specifications before it can be sold to any type of project. The A 513 Carbon Steel Spec Sheet provides an easy-to-understand method of checking material standards before starting your next project.

category Size range (round tube)
Hot rolled steel resistance welded pipe Outside diameters from 3/4 to 15 inches (19.0 to 38.1 mm)
Wall thickness from 0.065 to 0.650 in. (1.65 to 16.50 mm)
Cold rolled steel resistance welded pipe 3/8 to 8 in. (9.52 to 203.2 mm) outside diameter
Wall thickness from 0.028 to 0.134 in. (0.71 to 3.40 mm)

This specification covers resistance welded carbon and alloy steel pipe used as mechanical pipe.

This specification covers mechanical tubing made of hot or cold rolled steel.

This specification covers round, square, rectangular and special shapes of pipe.

Optional supplemental requirements are provided and, if necessary, shall be stated in inch-pound units as standard.

Values ​​expressed in inch-pound units are considered standard.

chemical composition

A513 carbon steel mechanical pipe is manufactured only from materials that meet carbon steel standards. The chemical composition of A513 is primarily iron, with added carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon and silver. Check out the table below for exact A513 carbon steel chemical specifications.

1008maximum 0.10maximum 0.500.0350.035.............
Mechanical behavior

Tensile strength refers to the amount of tensile stress a material can withstand before breaking or failing. A513 The ultimate tensile strength of carbon steel is calculated by dividing the area of ​​the steel by the stress exerted on it, expressed in pounds or tons of material per square inch.

grade Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥ Yield strength (Mpa) ≥ Elongation% ≥ Resistivity, ≥
ASTM A513 1010 379 310 12 68
ASTM A513 1020 448 379 10 75
ASTM A513 1026 517 448 10 80
ASTM A513 4130 621 552 10 87
  • In addition to specified alloy steels, ASTM A513 covers carbon steel grades starting at 1008 and above. Please visit our Surface Treatment and Chemicals page for a list of our standard chemistry capabilities.
  • A513 does not require physical testing (yield, tensile and elongation). If your application has specific strength requirements, be sure to include this in your quote as this will affect the chemical composition required.
  • Flash control of ID welds is discussed in Sections 12.3 through 12.3.4 of the Code. The pipes produced by Peak Kong Special Steel can control maximum 0.015", maximum 0.010", maximum 0.005" and flash.

If Buyer requires a specific type of melt, this should be noted on the purchase order. Primary melting may include separate degassing or refining, and then secondary melting may be performed, such as electroslag or vacuum arc remelting.If secondary smelting is used, the heat shall be defined as all ingots remelted from a single smelting. Steel can be cast into ingots or can be continuously cast. When different grades of steel are continuously cast, the final transition material needs to be identified. The manufacturer shall remove transitional materials through established procedures that clearly differentiate between grades. Pipes shall be manufactured by resistance welding and shall be constructed of hot or cold rolled steel as specified.

chemical composition

Steel should meet the requirements of chemical composition. If no grade is specified, grades MT 1010 to MT 1020 are available. Analyzes for steels not listed are available. To determine their availability, purchasers should contact the manufacturer. When carbon steel grades are ordered under this specification, the alloy grades supplied are specifically required to have any elements added in addition to those permitted for the grade ordered.

thermal analysis

The steel manufacturer shall analyze each heat of steel to determine the percentage of specified elements; if a secondary melting process is used, the heat analysis shall be obtained from one remelted steel ingot or the product of one remelted steel ingot from each primary melt. Thermal analysis shall comply with the specified requirements. Unless the thermal identity is not maintained or the analysis is not complete enough to permit a determination of compliance, the chemical composition determined by product analysis performed by the pipe manufacturer shall comply with the specified requirements for thermal analysis. Such analysis reports shall be provided to Buyer when required by the order or contract.

Ordering and delivery

PeakKong Special Steel applies Peakkong delivery conditions during the delivery process, and adds that both parties will comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and will not engage in any unethical business practices.
The products produced by PeakKong Special Steel.ASTM A513 Carbon Steel Mechanical Tubing The technical delivery conditions of our products meet the respective requirements. Dimensions and tolerances are defined according to the relevant steel material standards. Engineering work complies with the respective standards.
ASTM A513 Carbon Steel Mechanical Tubing Equipped with strapping tags and Peakkong Special Steel product tags to achieve comprehensive traceability and identification. According to the corresponding steel standards, corresponding material certificates will be provided.

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