S355J0H/S355J2H/S355NH Structural Circular Hollow Section
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  • S355J0H/S355J2H/S355NH Structural Circular Hollow Section
S355J0H/S355J2H/S355NH Structural Circular Hollow Section
  • Standard: EN10219-2006、EN10210-2006
  • Fabrication Craftsmanship: EN10210
  • Steel grade: S355J0H, S355J2H, S355NH, S355K2H
  • Tolerance: EN 10210-1
  • Certificate: According to EN 10204 - Type 2.2 or 3.1b
Structural hollow tubes for construction and mechanical engineering

Our thermoformed hollow structural profiles are universal building materials for construction and mechanical engineering applications. They are ideal for all types of steel structures, offering excellent load-bearing and strength properties to optimize customer designs. Thermoformed hollow structural profiles are available in a variety of grade series with various properties and a comprehensive range of hollow profile sizes, including special shapes such as round, rectangular, square or oval, and are manufactured in accordance with international standards (listed in EN10210-2: EN10210-3 )deliver.

Structural hollow steel pipe
Structural hollow steel pipe
Dimensional range of thermoformed hollow structural profiles

As a full range, our size range is the broadest in the industry. It includes round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes and special shapes such as hexagonal and oval. Extra long sections available on request.

Typical dimensions are:

Round: external dimensions from 21.3 mm to 1016 mm, wall thickness up to 35 mm

Square: external dimensions from 40×40 mm to 500×500 mm, wall thickness up to 25 mm

Rectangular: external dimensions from 50×30 mm to 500×300 mm, wall thickness up to 20 mm

Packaging: Bundles, anti-corrosive insulation, varnish coated, ends can be chamfered or square cut, end caps certified and supplementary tested, surface treatment and identification markings

Surface protection: black (no coating color), varnish/oil coating, pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, etc.

Structural hollow steel pipe
Structural hollow steel pipe
Application areas

Safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness and aesthetics: For structural applications, many competing requirements must be met.

Ideal for steel structures

Thermoformed structural hollow profiles are frequently used in construction and offer many advantages over other materials.

They are strong and reliable, with first-class cross-sectional properties and bending resistance. They are easy to use and feature unrestricted weldability, even in corner areas of square and rectangular sections.

With their uniform hardness distribution and low residual stress, they provide safe and reliable conditions for the manufacturing process. Glass curtain walls, for example utilizing structural hollow sections with tight corner radii and adapted to specific wall thicknesses, ensure the efficiency of the curtain wall while supporting a given load.

In addition to construction, our range of thermoformed structural hollow steel tubes are suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Mechanical Engineering Applications
  • agricultural equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Naval and Offshore Structures
  • Cranes and belt conveyors
Ordering and delivery

PeakKong Special Steel applies Peakkong delivery conditions during the delivery process, and adds that both parties will comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and will not engage in any unethical business practices.
The products produced by PeakKong Special Steel.S355J0H/S355J2H/S355NH Structural Circular Hollow Section The technical delivery conditions of our products meet the respective requirements. Dimensions and tolerances are defined according to the relevant steel material standards. Engineering work complies with the respective standards.
S355J0H/S355J2H/S355NH Structural Circular Hollow Section Equipped with strapping tags and Peakkong Special Steel product tags to achieve comprehensive traceability and identification. According to the corresponding steel standards, corresponding material certificates will be provided.

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