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ACB cellular beams
ACB cellular beams
  • Standard: EN 10088-3, EN10365, DIN1025
  • Fabrication Craftsmanship: ASTM A1069, EN 13919
  • Steel grade: 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4436, 1.4507
  • Tolerance: EN 10056-2:1993, EN10088-3
  • Certificate: According to EN10204-2.2 or 3.1B

The following grades: 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4436, 1.4507, they are defined by EN 10088-3, EN10365, DIN1025. Other material grades are available upon request, please view the complete steel grade list.

Description Execution kg/m h /mm d /mm w /mm AL m2/m
IPE A 200Laser17.1290.421052.50.7
IPE 200Laser20.7293.421052.50.7
IPE O 200Laser23.2295.421052.50.7
IPE A 220Laser20.6320.123057.50.8
IPE 220Laser24.3323.123057.50.8
IPE O 220Laser27.2325.123057.50.8
IPE A 240Laser24.3349.725062.50.8
IPE 240Laser28.5352.725062.50.8
IPE O 240Laser31.9354.725062.50.8
IPE A 270Laser28.6394.3280700.9
IPE 270Laser33.5397.3280700.9
IPE O 270Laser39.4401.3280701
IPE A 300Laser34441.231578.751
IPE 300Laser39.2444.231578.751.1
IPE O 300Laser45.9448.231578.751.1
IPE A 330Laser40488.235087.51.1
IPE 330Laser45.7491.235087.51.1
IPE O 330Laser53.1495.235087.51.2
IPE A 360Laser46.9533.3380951.2
IPE 360Laser53.1535.7380951.2
IPE O 360Laser61.5539.7380951.2
IPE A 400Laser53.6592.14201051.3
IPE 400Laser61.7595.14201051.3
IPE O 400Laser70.4599.14201051.3
IPE A 450Laser62.6668.7475118.751.4
IPE 450Laser71.9671.7475118.751.5
IPE O 450Laser85.7677.7475118.751.5
IPE A 500Laser73.8742.9525131.251.6
IPE 500Laser84745.9525131.251.6
IPE O 500Laser99.4751.9525131.251.6
IPE A 550Laser85.6819.55801451.7
IPE 550Laser97.5822.55801451.7
IPE O 550Laser113.4828.55801451.7
IPE A 600Laser99.9893.7630157.51.8
IPE 600Laser113.1896.7630157.51.8
IPE O 600Laser142.8906.7630157.51.8
IPE 750 x 147Laser134.51127.2790197.52.3
IPE 750 x 173Laser159.91136.2790197.52.3
IPE 750 x 196Laser181.91144.2790197.52.3
HE 260 AALaser51.7368.927568.751.4
HE 260 ALaser65.3374.927568.751.4
HE 260 BLaser89.2384.927568.751.4
HE 260 MLaser165.6414.927568.751.5
HE 280 AALaser58.5398.529573.751.5
HE 280 ALaser73.2404.529573.751.5
HE 280 BLaser98.9414.529573.751.5
HE 280 MLaser181.1444.529573.751.6
HE 300 AALaser66.6427.231578.751.6
HE 300 ALaser84.8434.231578.751.6
HE 300 BLaser112.4444.231578.751.6
HE 300 MLaser229.1484.231578.751.7
HE 320 AALaser70.7454.933583.751.6
HE 320 ALaser93.6463.933583.751.6
HE 320 BLaser121.5473.933583.751.7
HE 320 MLaser235.6512.933583.751.8
HE 340 AALaser74.9486360901.7
HE 340 ALaser100.3496360901.7
HE 340 BLaser128.5506360901.7
HE 340 MLaser238.0543360901.8
HE 360 AALaser79.2514.7380951.7
HE 360 ALaser107.1525.7380951.7
HE 360 BLaser135.6535.7380951.7
HE 360 MLaser239.9570.7380951.8
HE 400 AALaser87.3573.14201051.8
HE 400 ALaser118.9585.14201051.8
HE 400 BLaser148.0595.14201051.8
HE 400 MLaser244.4627.14201051.9
HE 450 AALaser93.7646.7475118.751.8
HE 450 ALaser132.8661.7475118.751.9
HE 450 BLaser162.7671.7475118.751.9
HE 450 MLaser250.7699.7475118.751.9
HE 500 AALaser100.5717.9525131.251.9
HE 500 ALaser147.2735.9525131.251.9
HE 500 BLaser177.8745.9525131.252
HE 500 MLaser256.4769.9525131.252
HE 550 AALaser111.7794.55801452
HE 550 ALaser157.2812.55801452
HE 550 BLaser188.6822.55801452
HE 550 MLaser263844.55801452.1
HE 600 AALaser119.4867.7630157.52.1
HE 600 ALaser167.7886.7630157.52.1
HE 600 BLaser199.9896.7630157.52.1
HE 600 MLaser269.1916.7630157.52.2
HE 600 x 337Laser317928.7630157.52.2
HE 600 x 399Laser375.8944.7630157.52.3
HE 650 AALaser127.4945.8690172.52.2
HE 650 ALaser178.3965.8690172.52.2
HE 650 BLaser211.2975.8690172.52.2
HE 650 MLaser275.6993.8690172.52.3
HE 650 x 343Laser322.31005.8690172.52.3
HE 650 x 407Laser382.31021.8690172.52.3
HE 700 AALaser138.21017.6735183.752.2
HE 700 ALaser191.51037.6735183.752.3
HE 700 BLaser225.31047.6735183.752.3
HE 700 MLaser281.81063.6735183.752.3
HE 700 x 352Laser329.71075.6735183.752.4
HE 700 x 418Laser391.11091.6735183.752.4
HE 800 AALaser157.31168.48402102.4
HE 800 ALaser209.11188.48402102.4
HE 800 BLaser244.61198.48402102.5
HE 800 MLaser2961212.48402102.5
HE 800 x 373Laser347.21224.48402102.5
HE 800 x 444Laser413.81240.48402102.6
HE 900 AALaser180.91321.6950237.52.6
HE 900 ALaser233.41341.6950237.52.6
HE 900 BLaser270.41351.6950237.52.6
HE 900 MLaser308.61361.6950237.52.6
HE 900 x 391Laser362.21373.6950237.52.7
HE 900 x 466Laser431.81389.6950237.52.7
HE 1000 AALaser201.51470.11050262.52.7
HE 1000 ALaser251.61490.11050262.52.8
HE 1000 BLaser290.21500.11050262.52.8
HE 1000 MLaser322.41508.11050262.52.8
HE 1000 x 393Laser362.11516.11050262.52.8
HE 1000 x 409Laser377.81520.11050262.52.8
HE 1000 x 488Laser450.71536.11050262.52.9
HE 1000 x 579Laser534.71556.11050262.52.9
HL 920 x 345Laser320.11402.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 368Laser341.21406.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 390Laser362.61411.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 420Laser392.31418.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 449Laser419.81423.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 491Laser458.31432.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 537Laser501.81440.4999249.753.2
HL 920 x 588Laser550.41451.4999249.753.3
HL 920 x 656Laser614.41462.4999249.753.3
HL 920 x 725Laser678.91474.4999249.753.3
HL 920 x 787Laser737.71486.4999249.753.4
HL 920 x 970Laser911.01518.4999249.753.4
HL 1000 AALaser275.11482.11050262.53.2
HL 1000 ALaser300.31490.11050262.53.2
HL 1000 BLaser346.71500.11050262.53.2
HL 1000 MLaser385.21508.11050262.53.2
HL 1000 x 443Laser412.91512.11050262.53.2
HL 1000 x 483Laser451.01520.11050262.53.2
HL 1000 x 539Laser503.81530.11050262.53.3
HL 1000 x 554Laser517.11532.11050262.53.3
HL 1000 x 591Laser552.01540.11050262.53.3
HL 1000 x 642Laser599.21548.11050262.53.3
HL 1000 x 748Laser699.61568.11050262.53.4
HL 1000 x 883Laser826.31592.11050262.53.4
HL 1100 ALaser317.91640.91155288.753.4
HL 1100 BLaser362.71650.91155288.753.4
HL 1100 MLaser402.51658.91155288.753.4
HL 1100 RLaser463.01668.91155288.753.4
Ordering and delivery

PeakKong Special Steel applies Peakkong delivery conditions during the delivery process, and adds that both parties will comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and will not engage in any unethical business practices.
The products produced by PeakKong Special Steel.ACB cellular beams The technical delivery conditions of our products meet the respective requirements. Dimensions and tolerances are defined according to the relevant steel material standards. Engineering work complies with the respective standards.
ACB cellular beams Equipped with strapping tags and Peakkong Special Steel product tags to achieve comprehensive traceability and identification. According to the corresponding steel standards, corresponding material certificates will be provided.

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