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  • Castellated and cellular beams
  • Castellated and cellular beams
Castellated and cellular beams
  • Standard: EN 10365:2017
  • Technology: ISO 15614-11 or ISO 15614-14
  • Fabrication Craftsmanship: ASTM A1069, EN 13919
  • Steel grade: S275J0, S355J0, S460J0, S460M, S460ML, S690QL
  • Tolerance: BS 4-1:2005, DIN 1026-2
  • Certificate: According to EN 10204 - Type 2.2 or 3.1b
In accordance with EN 10365:2017, other material grades are available on request, please see the full steel grade list.
Description Execution kg/m h /mm d /mm w /mm AL m2/m
HE 260 AALaser54.1366.0244.0122.01.474
HE 260 ALaser68.2375.0250.0125.01.484
HE 260 BLaser93.0390.0260.0130.01.499
HE 260 MLaser172.0435.0290.0145.01.575
HE 280 AALaser61.2396.0264.0132.01.593
HE 280 ALaser76.4405.0270.0135.01.603
HE 280 BLaser103.0420.0280.0140.01.618
HE 280 MLaser189.0465.0310.0155.01.694
HE 300 AALaser69.8425.0283.0142.01.705
HE 300 ALaser88.3435.0290.0145.01.717
HE 300 BLaser117.0450.0300.0150.01.732
HE 300 MLaser238.0510.0340.0170.01.832
HE 320 AALaser74.2452.0301.0151.01.740
HE 320 ALaser97.6465.0310.0155.01.756
HE 320 BLaser127.0480.0320.0160.01.771
HE 320 MLaser245.0539.0359.0180.01.866
HE 340 AALaser78.9480.0320.0160.01.777
HE 340 ALaser105.0495.0330.0165.01.795
HE 340 BLaser134.0510.0340.0170.01.810
HE 340 MLaser248.0566.0377.0189.01.902
HE 360 AALaser83.7509.0339.0170.01.814
HE 360 ALaser112.0525.0350.0175.01.834
HE 360 BLaser142.0540.0360.0180.01.849
HE 360 MLaser250.0593.0395.0198.01.934
HE 400 AALaser92.4567.0378.0189.01.891
HE 400 ALaser125.0585.0390.0195.01.912
HE 400 BLaser155.0600.0400.0200.01.927
HE 400 MLaser256.0648.0432.0216.02.004
HE 450 AALaser99.7638.0425.0213.01.984
HE 450 ALaser140.0660.0440.0220.02.011
HE 450 BLaser171.0675.0450.0225.02.026
HE 450 MLaser263.0717.0478.0239.02.096
HE 500 AALaser107.0708.0472.0236.02.077
HE 500 ALaser155.0735.0490.0245.02.110
HE 500 BLaser187.0750.0500.0250.02.125
HE 500 MLaser270.0786.0524.0262.02.184
HE 550 AALaser120.0783.0522.0261.02.175
HE 550 ALaser166.0810.0540.0270.02.209
HE 550 BLaser199.0825.0550.0275.02.224
HE 550 MLaser278.0858.0572.0286.02.280
HE 600 AALaser129.0856.5571.0285.52.272
HE 600 ALaser178.0885.0590.0295.02.308
HE 600 BLaser212.0900.0600.0300.02.323
HE 600 MLaser285.0930.0620.0310.02.372
HE 600 x 337Laser337.0948.0632.0316.02.407
HE 600 x 399Laser399.0972.0648.0324.02.450
HE 650 AALaser138.0930.0620.0310.02.369
HE 650 ALaser190.0960.0640.0320.02.407
HE 650 BLaser225.0975.0650.0325.02.422
HE 650 MLaser293.01002.0668.0334.02.468
HE 650 x 343Laser343.01020.0680.0340.02.500
HE 650 x 407Laser407.01044.0696.0348.02.543
HE 700 AALaser150.01005.0670.0335.02.468
HE 700 ALaser204.01035.0690.0345.02.505
HE 700 BLaser241.01050.0700.0350.02.520
HE 700 MLaser301.01074.0716.0358.02.560
HE 700 x 352Laser352.01092.0728.0364.02.592
HE 700 x 418Laser418.01116.0744.0372.02.635
HE 800 AALaser172.01155.0770.0385.02.660
HE 800 ALaser224.01185.0790.0395.02.698
HE 800 BLaser262.01200.0800.0400.02.713
HE 800 MLaser317.01221.0814.0407.02.746
HE 800 x 373Laser373.01239.0826.0413.02.782
HE 800 x 444Laser444.01263.0842.0421.02.824
HE 900 AALaser198.01305.0870.0435.02.858
HE 900 ALaser252.01335.0890.0445.02.896
HE 900 BLaser291.01350.0900.0450.02.911
HE 900 MLaser333.01365.0910.0455.02.934
HE 900 x 391Laser391.01383.0922.0461.02.970
HE 900 x 466Laser466.01407.0938.0469.03.012
HE 1000 AALaser222.01455.0970.0485.03.056
HE 1000 ALaser272.01485.0990.0495.03.095
HE 1000 BLaser314.01500.01000.0500.03.110
HE 1000 MLaser349.01512.01008.0504.03.130
HE 1000 x 393Laser393.01524.01016.0508.03.144
HE 1000 x 409Laser409.01530.01020.0510.03.162
HE 1000 x 488Laser488.01554.01036.0518.03.204
HE 1000 x 579Laser579.01584.01056.0528.03.254
HL 920 x 345Laser345.01390.5927.0463.53.450
HL 920 x 368Laser368.01396.5931.0465.53.460
HL 920 x 390Laser390.01404.0936.0468.03.480
HL 920 x 420Laser420.01414.5943.0471.53.500
HL 920 x 449Laser449.01422.0948.0474.03.510
HL 920 x 491Laser491.01435.5957.0478.53.520
HL 920 x 537Laser537.01447.5965.0482.53.540
HL 920 x 588Laser588.01464.0976.0488.03.570
HL 920 x 656Laser656.01480.5987.0493.53.600
HL 920 x 725Laser725.01498.5999.0499.53.630
HL 920 x 787Laser787.01516.51011.0505.53.660
HL 920 x 970Laser970.01564.51043.0521.53.740
HL 1000 AALaser296.01473.0982.0491.03.479
HL 1000 ALaser321.01485.0990.0495.03.495
HL 1000 BLaser371.01500.01000.0500.03.510
HL 1000 MLaser412.01512.01008.0504.03.530
HL 1000 x 443Laser443.01518.01012.0506.03.530
HL 1000 x 483Laser483.01530.01020.0510.03.550
HL 1000 x 539Laser539.01545.01030.0515.03.580
HL 1000 x 554Laser554.01548.01032.0516.03.590
HL 1000 x 591Laser591.01560.01040.0520.03.600
HL 1000 x 642Laser642.01572.01048.0524.03.620
HL 1000 x 748Laser748.01602.01068.0534.03.670
HL 1000 x 883Laser883.01638.01092.0546.03.740
HL 1100 ALaser343.01635.01090.0545.03.710
HL 1100 BLaser390.01650.01100.0550.03.726
HL 1100 MLaser433.01662.01108.0554.03.746
HL 1100 RLaser499.01677.01118.0559.03.770
IPE A 200Laser18.4295.5197.098.50.764
IPE 200Laser22.4300.0200.0100.00.768
IPE O 200Laser25.1303.0202.0101.00.779
IPE A 220Laser22.2325.5217.0108.50.843
IPE 220Laser26.2330.0220.0110.00.848
IPE O 220Laser29.4333.0222.0111.00.858
IPE A 240Laser26.2355.5237.0118.50.918
IPE 240Laser30.7360.0240.0120.00.922
IPE O 240Laser34.3363.0242.0121.00.932
IPE A 270Laser30.7400.5267.0133.51.037
IPE 270Laser36.1405.0270.0135.01.041
IPE O 270Laser42.3411.0274.0137.01.051
IPE A 300Laser36.5445.5297.0148.51.156
IPE 300Laser42.2450.0300.0150.01.160
IPE O 300Laser49.3456.0304.0152.01.174
IPE A 330Laser43.0490.5327.0163.51.250
IPE 330Laser49.1495.0330.0165.01.254
IPE O 330Laser57.0501.0334.0167.01.268
IPE A 360Laser50.2536.4358.0178.81.351
IPE 360Laser57.1540.0360.0180.01.353
IPE O 360Laser66.0546.0364.0182.01.367
IPE A 400Laser57.4595.5397.0198.51.464
IPE 400Laser66.3600.0400.0200.01.467
IPE O 400Laser75.7606.0404.0202.01.481
IPE A 450Laser67.2670.5447.0223.51.603
IPE 450Laser77.6675.0450.0225.01.605
IPE O 450Laser92.4684.0456.0228.01.622
IPE A 500Laser79.4745.5497.0248.51.741
IPE 500Laser90.7750.0500.0250.01.744
IPE O 500Laser107.0759.0506.0253.01.760
IPE A 550Laser92.1820.5547.0273.51.875
IPE 550 Laser106.0825.0550.0275.01.877
IPE O 550Laser123.0834.0556.0278.01.893
IPE A 600Laser108.0895.5597.0298.52.013
IPE 600Laser122.0900.0600.0300.02.015
IPE O 600Laser154.0915.0610.0305.02.045
IPE 750 x 147Laser147.01129.5753.0376.52.510
IPE 750 x 173Laser173.01143.0762.0381.02.534
IPE 750 x 196Laser196.01155.0770.0385.02.552
Ordering and delivery

PeakKong Special Steel applies Peakkong delivery conditions during the delivery process, and adds that both parties will comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and will not engage in any unethical business practices.
The products produced by PeakKong Special Steel.Castellated and cellular beams The technical delivery conditions of our products meet the respective requirements. Dimensions and tolerances are defined according to the relevant steel material standards. Engineering work complies with the respective standards.
Castellated and cellular beams Equipped with strapping tags and Peakkong Special Steel product tags to achieve comprehensive traceability and identification. According to the corresponding steel standards, corresponding material certificates will be provided.

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